Our Mission

  • To help people to discover the power hidden within them.
  • To help people to get what they want in their life.
  • To help people to create their own destiny.

Our Vision

To build a school of hard-knocks with the help of a proven GIFT & LIFT system to simplify life, increase productivity and achieve all goals.

Our Values

We are determined and dedicated to the right attitude, right discipline, right knowledge and skills to get the right results.

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Testimonials By Category

Results Speak Louder Than Words. 1% Inspiration 99% Perspiration


Yash Gajbiye – I have become successful in gaining admission for MS in Texas Tech. University, USA. I dedicate this achievement to Art of Winning one day workshop.
Yash Gajbiye - Student
Swankita Kandade – After attending one day training I felt it was my Re-birth. I stood first in SNDT University in B.Tech. exam (Computer Science & Technology).
Swankita Kandade - Student
Vaibhav Chidrevar – I still remember the old days when I used to work hard for my survival along with my studies. Art of Winning transformed my life with no words to describe. I stood 13rd in HSC Board exams and now I am studying in Stanford University
Vaibhav Chidrevar - Student
Rohit Shinde – I was scoring around 70% marks, but I scored 94.18% in SSC Board exam. To attend one day training I travelled   kms, but it was worth travelling.
Rohit Shinde - Student
Abhay Patil –I stood 1st in SSC Board exam and 11th in HSC Board exam. Now I am IPS. Art of Winning one day training is fabulous. I appeal everybody to attend it at least once in lifetime
Abhay Patil - Student

Salaried / Working Professioanls :

Shilpa Desai - Art of Winning’s Ignite, Nurture, Develop, Inspire and Achieve philosophy helped me like a miracle. It is the most energetic and inspiring one day training for finding true happiness in life.
Shilpa Desai - Professional
Sunil Pawar - Art of Winning and the material supplied during the training course strongly encouraged me to get what I wanted in my life. I passed my MPSC exam at 7th rank and became Asst. Commissioner in Govt. services.
Sunil Pawar - Professional
Swapnil Pinjarkar - Art of Winning’s priceless guidance at the right time proved of great help in my life. The techniques helped me in HSC, B.E. and MBA. I got good post in State Bank of India. There are more feelings in mu mind that the words in the dictionary.
Swapnil Pinjarkar - Professional
Balaji Namal – I work full time for B.G.Shirke Group. In my spare time I also work as LIC insurance agent. Art of Winning’s Winner Power Project helped me to achieve MDRT in two months, which is a tough task. The practical training is loaded with great ideas which we can apply immediately to improve every area of our life.
Balaji Namal - Professional
Ashutosh Navare – I work for Mercedes Benz as Quality Control Manager. Art of Winning, like a booster, gave me the methods and techniques to make my dream become a reality. I was selected twice in a short span on a special assignment to visit our head quarters in Germany.
Ashutosh Navare - Professional


Adwait Deshmukh – I lost my well-salaried job from a multinational company. Art of Winning gave me a new dream, a proper plan, a system to execute it to start my own company. I got courage to prove that I am born free. This course is clear, practical and exciting. I am thankful to this organization for guiding me towards an incredible new career roadmap.
Adwait Deshmukh - Enterpreneur
Dr.Ravindra Nandedkar – I am a blind person. I am using pacemaker for my heart. I have hip disability, too. In spite of having so many physical challenges Art of Winning ignited me and inspired me to awaken the inner leader. I am enjoying my family life and achieving new heights of success in my business. Now I strongly say, ‘YES I CAN!’
Dr.Ravindra Nandedkar - Enterpreneur
Nitin Khond – I was running small electrical shop of 300sq.ft. Art of Winning gave me new vision and direction. I have converted my small shop into 35000 sq.ft. shopping mall in a posh area in Pune. We receive value beyond belief in Art of Winning.
Nitin Khond - Enterpreneur
Swapnil Dharmadhikari – I did my MBA from a reputed international institute abroad. Believe me I have practically learned many techniques, principles in Art of Winning than studying in MBA. Today I have established my IT business very well that it got coverage in leading newspaper.
Swapnil Dharmadhikari - Enterpreneur
Karia Brothers – We travelled from Kalyan to Pune to attend Art of Winning’s one day workshop. We were small traders before. We understood the exact meaning of MAD i.e. massive action for dream. We applied the effective system so well that now we have established our brand and started multiple businesses.
Karia Brothers - Enterpreneur
Kishor Ahire – Art of Winning helped me to recognise my true ability. I left my teacher’s job and stepped out to become successful entrepreneur. In small duration I achieved many milestones in my life. Today I have BMW car, luxurious house and my turnover is in crores. It’s a unique way of creating our own destiny.
Kishor Ahire - Enterpreneur


Dr.Sonal Bangde - Art of Winning showed me a path to fulfill my purpose in life. I have received value beyond belief. Today I run my business successfully. I have my own luxurious lifestyle and a very happy family life, too. Thanks in tons.
Dr.Sonal Bangde - women
Sameera Parve – This course helped me realize that anything is possible in life. I had been facing some rough time in my life. Art of Winning helped me to overcome the adversities in my life. Today I am enjoying a stable and comfortable life. I recommend everybody to attend this course at least once in a life.
Sameera Parve - women
Deepa Sawant – After attending Art of Winning course I have realized that it is high time to build my business. I started a ladies beauty salon. This course woke me up to ask myself where I am standing in my life. I am impacted by new energy and passion.
Deepa Sawant - women
Archana Rairikar - Art of Winning transformed my life in many ways. I have completely re-invented and reshaped my life. Before the course I was very confused, but this course worked like a blessing to me. Now I have started writing and practicing as a dietitian and also started taking care of my own health. I am enjoying my family life.
Archana Rairikar - women
Janhavi Mahadik - Art of Winning is an enjoyable journey. The exercises in the training session transformed me from someone who was hoping to succeed, to someone who now enjoys the success. I always wanted to develop my business to own my car and yes, I got all that here.
Janhavi Mahadik - women


Uday Devlekar – When I started to understand what is life, I was depressed to find that I am a victim of polio. One day Art of Winning came in my life and it helped me like a miracle. After the course I got operated and now everybody is surprising to see me working hard at gymnasium. I have developed good physique. I am also doing well in my business.
Uday Devlekar - Others
Manohar Joshi – As you all know to work in police department is not an ordinary job and if you have a responsible post the work load is more. I was living my routine life, but Art of Winning happened to be a turning point to me. I started seeing dream, turned it into goal and finally, achieved President Award from Hon. Pratibhatai Patil
Manohar Joshi - Others
Suryakant Patil - Art of Winning helped me to accept the challenges of life. Before few years I was earning very little amount. But this system taught me how to get exactly what I wanted out of life and work. Today I am a prospering entrepreneur. I am also happy in my family life.
Suryakant Patil - Others
Sandeep Desale – When I first came across Art of Winning, I was using a bicycle, I used to stay in hostel as I was a struggler. This course has changed my life completely. Today I own a bungalow, a car and run my business on my own terms. I simply salute to this wonderful organization
Sandeep Desale - Others
Shakti Khedekar – I still remember the day when I desperately wanted to attend Art of Winning course, but I was short of funds. I borrowed money to pay the fees. After attending the course I got the new vision, a new goal. So, I started a software company. On the opening day of my business I made huge profit in lacs. This course worked like a compass and helped me in many ways.
Shakti Khedekar - Others